28 3 / 2013

There was a lot I liked about you.

You did an awesome job with casting. You were really great in many ways. I loved your Lizzie, your Charlotte, your Lydia, your Jane, your Darcy, and your Bing. I loved Caroline, even if I didn’t love what you did with her at the end. And I didn’t love Wickham, but damn, Wes played him to a T. The LBD cast—amazing all around. [Edited to add: I can’t believe I left off Gigi and Collins, who were both perfect and brought new life and energy to characters that usually get the short shrift.]

There was a lot I didn’t like in the final quarter. You already know that. I’m not going to jump over all that old stuff again.

You gave me something to obsess over, even if that obsession turned dark and twisted and confusing in the middle.

I appreciate that.

But I just want to talk about one last thing. You know, for old time’s sake.

Let’s talk about the last ten seconds of that last video.

Either Mrs. Bennet is really, deeply mentally unstable, and there’s a good reason for withholding the videos from her and the truth about her daughters. In that case, making her the punch line of a joke is just a NO NO NO.

It’s not okay to laugh at mentally ill people.

Or, maybe, she isn’t that bad. In which case the punch line of the joke is mocking the Bennet’s loving, affectionate, perhaps over-involved mother one last time, a woman who was kept in the dark unnecessarily and is now going to be supremely hurt to discover that for a year, her daughters have been mocking her and hiding things from her, like the fact that George Wickham tried to ruin Lydia’s life.

I know you don’t give a shit, LBD, but laughing at mentally ill people—or mocking people for being mentally ill when they aren’t—is really not okay.

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    This. All this.
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    I found the Mrs. B stuff to be … mean on occasion We all mock our parents, right? A little bit? It’s a love thing. But...
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  12. singersdd said: I have a mom who can be a Mrs. Bennet. Were I to start a vlog, durned tootin’ I would hide it from her, because I wouldn’t want to Deal With Her obsessing about the way I characterized anybody, or with the number of followers I had. I completely it.
  13. deannatroi said: I really found that the overall treatment of Mrs. Bennet to be in poor taste. Beginning with leaving her out of important events and ending with the reveal at the end of this episode.