30 3 / 2013

…having been defeated in mortal combat with Tammara Webber and DABWAHA (and honestly, Easy is one of the best books that I read last year, so I am very okay with this)…

Did you guys really think I would be so cruel as to taunt you with the existence of that scene, and then not let you have it?

I am cruel enough to taunt you, yes. But thank you all so much for voting—multiple times—and for making people who don’t know me or read my books vote—multiple times. You all are absolutely the best.

Thank you.

The link you are looking for is right here.

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    Courtney Milan, what magic juice do you drink to make you so awesome, and can you please never stop.
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    Hey Minions & Friends that helped out by voting for Courtney Milan’s book “The Duchess War” in DABWAHA, I think you...
  6. pinstripe said: Oh man this makes me really want to reread The Duchess War even though I’m buried in books for research. Thanks for sharing!
  7. quellthesparkle said: Yay! If it’s any consolation you are the winner in my mind. :D
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